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Dual Miter Fabricating Band Saws

We designed our Velox band saws to offer power, convenience, and multiple functionality to achieve the exact cut you need.

When you need a saw that combines mitering capability with reliable performance day in and day out, consider the Velox VX-460DSA. A dual miter saw, the Velox VX-460DSA can cut both left and right at a range of angles and capacities. This saw offers fine-tuned controls that enable operators to achieve the exact cut they need. The icon and symbol control panel is simple and straightforward. It features feed controls for both manual and semi-automatic operation, and a warning light.
The Velox VX-530DSA is a versatile cutting machine. At 90°, this band saw can cut at 20 7/8″ round and at 13 1/4″ x 27 5/8″ rectangle. It can also cut both left and right at 45° and 60° at varying capacities.
This saw is a combination of convenience and power. Its motor inverter controls the variable blade speed and a digital blade speed readout helps operators ensure that the saw is cutting at the desired speed. Different blade speed options means that the Velox VX-530 can handle a range of materials.

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