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Contact Velox Saw

Please feel free to contact Velox Saw if you have any questions about our company, policies, or our line of exceptional band saws. When you contact us, one of our experienced customer representatives will be able to help you with your order and offer any advice you might need.

How can we help you?

Throughout your order, you can call or email us for information about your purchase and shipping. We’re happy to help and dedicated to our customers’ convenience and satisfaction.

Contact Us Directly

Feel free to use the form below to get in contact with us, but if you prefer a more direct way to talk to us, don’t hesitate. You can also get ahold of us via phone and email:
Phone: (310) 388-8110 – extension 310
Email: [email protected]

We approach our work with an unparalleled passion. A band saw is the cornerstone of many work shops, so we take their design and manufacture very seriously. Choose a Velox saw when you need a cutting machine that provides years of reliable service and convenient innovations. Our ISO 9001 Certification means that we have demonstrated the highest quality customer care, providing sterling service to our clients.

You can also get in touch with us via:

Praise or criticism, we’re eager for your feedback. Your comments help us improve our products and services — so let us know what you think. Please fill out all required fields in the form below and we’ll respond to your message as soon as possible:

Our goal is to provide our customers with the finest, most reliable band saws on the market. We strive to uphold the highest standards of customer service and quality assurance. By adhering to the qualities of excellence, durability, and innovation, we aim to make Velox Saw synonymous with efficiency and distinction in workshops worldwide.

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