Production Dual Column Band Saws

We designed our Velox production dual column machines with some of the most recent developments in band saw technology.

Looking for a cutting machine that combines automation and power? The Velox VX-330DC is a double column cutting machine that incorporates some of the most innovative advances in band saw technology. It boasts a touch screen and rotary encoder, multiple language options, a human-machine interface control panel, and multiple functions, settings, and programs. It also includes a zero point auto checking function.
Choose the Velox VX-460DC when you need a saw that can take on some of your biggest, toughest jobs. Its substantial capacity of 18″ round and 18 7/8 X 18″ rectangle means it can accommodate large materials. And its 7.5 hp blade motor gives the Velox VX-460DC the power to handle difficult applications.
With a cutting capacity of 20 7/8″ and 20 7/8″ rectangle, the Velox VX-530DC is our largest double column band saw. Its size, power, and convenient features make it a stand-out saw in any workshop.
Possessing some of the most convenient innovations in band saw technology, the Velox VX-530 is a breeze to use. The touch screen control panel enables operators to input programming and select settings. It also alerts operators to abnormal saw functions and how to remedy them. A working light makes it easy for operators to see what they’re doing.

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