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Velox VX-460DC

Automatic Production Saw

Choose the Velox VX-460DC when you need a saw that can take on some of your biggest, toughest jobs. Its substantial capacity of 18″ round and 18 7/8 X 18″ rectangle means it can accommodate large materials. And its 7.5 hp blade motor gives the Velox VX-460DC the power to handle difficult applications.

A Saw With Capacity and Caliber

While this cutting machine is tough, it’s easy to use. The Velox VX-460DC is designed with some of the most recent developments in band saw technology. It includes a touch screen and rotary encoder, different language options, a zero point auto checking function, and a motor inverter that controls blade speed. This band saw offers quick, simple control via a control panel human-machine interface. While it might not be a brand new benefit, the Velox VX-460DC also comes with a work light, which helps operators see as they program the saw.

Full-stroke cylinders also make operator’s lives easier. With the material firmly clamped in place, there’s no need to worry about slippage as the Velox VX-460DC executes a cut.


Velox VX-460DC Features

  • Touch screen and rotary encoder
  • Hydraulic carbide guide
  • Built in different languages
  • Zero point auto checking function
  • Motor inverter controls blade speed
  • Control panel human-machine interface
  • Working light and material detecting device
  • Full-stroke cylinders for clamping material easily
  • PLC and motor inverter control system



Capacity18″ Round, 18 7/8″ x 18″ Rectangle
Blade Motor7.5 hp (5.7kw) 4 Phase
Hydraulic Motor2 hp (1.5 kw) 4 Phase
Coolant Motor1/4 go (0.18 kw)
Blade Size1.614″ x 0.051″ x 214.566″
Blade Speeds54.79 x 232.283 fpm (50 Hz); 65.617 x 278.871 fpm (60 Hz)
Hydraulic Tank Volume88 Liters / 23.247 gal
Cutting Fluid Tank Volume117 Liters / 30.908 gal
Packing Measurement113″ x 91″ x 87″
Net Weight /Gross Weight6173 lbs. / 7231 lbs.
Table Height32″

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