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Velox LX-250NC

Automatic Production Saw

This pivot style automatic production band saw has a unibody frame, which contributes to the saw’s rigidity and helps to reduce vibration. Less vibration means that the Velox LX-250NC band saw makes extremely accurate cuts. Indeed, many of this cutting machine’s features contribute to its ability to make fast, precise cuts on a variety of materials.

LX-250NC: Strength, Accuracy, and Innovation

With heavy-duty cast guide arms with carbide side and backup guides that include roller pre-guides, the Velox LX-250NC holds blades firmly in place. Steady blades improve saw accuracy, so operators can achieve exact cuts. The full stroking hydraulic vises on the Velox LX-250NC also contribute to accurate cuts. The vises hold both sides of the piece still while the saw cuts, increasing precision and reducing burrs.

We designed the Velox LX-250NC with innovative new features. The N/C CPU computer control, for example, offers programmable length settings. The automatic index table provides 15 3/4″ stroke on linear bearings and vertical alignment rollers and repeatability of +/- .005per stroke. The Velox LX-250NC also comes with a chip conveyor and a self-contained coolant system. Combined, these features reduce the chances that blades will sustain chip damage, prolonging blade life. The Velox LX-250NC also feature an automatic function with rapid approach height selector. The height selector controls the transition from rapid approach to feed rate, which reduces time lost to “cutting air.”


LX-250NC Saw Features

  • Unibody frame construction
  • Dual feed control for feed rate and cutting force
  • Heavy duty guide arms with carbide side and backup guides
  • Automatic function with rapid approach height selector
  • N/C CPU computer control with programmable length settings
  • Automatic index
  • Fully equipped with all OSHA standard guards
  • Self contained coolant system with 1/8hp motor
  • Cast full stroking hydraulic vises with split main vise — variable vise pressure included
    2 Meter idle roller feed table
  • Chip conveyor
  • Top clamps for both main and feed vises for bundle cutting



ModelLX-250 NC
SpecificationsFully Automatic
Cutting Capacity10″ Round – 10 ” x 11 3/4 ” rectangle
Blade Size11′ 6″ x 1 1/4″
Blade Speed85 – 275 fpm
Main Motor3 hp
Hydraulic Motor1 hp
Coolant Motor1/6 hp
Hydraulic Tank8 gal
Coolant Tank10 1/2 gal
Allowable Loading Capacity3,000 lbs
Roller Stand Loading Capacity2,000 lbs
Minimum Residual Work Length6”~ 9 3⁄4” x 4”~6”
Piece Count Setting1~9999
Feeding Stroke15 3/4 “
Minimum no Material Detecting1 1/4″
Table Height29 1/2″
Packing Size (W x L x H)90″ x 86″ x 74″
Machine Weight N.W/G.W3152 lbs / 3461 lbs

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