Velox VX-20A Automatic Band Saw

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High Tech Cutting Precision

The Velox VX-20A is a band saw designed for convenience and precision. It features some of the most recent innovations in sawing technology. The human interface computer control, for example, is a touch screen that enables the operator to program cut lengths and jobs. Programing a cut makes it easy to execute jobs quickly and efficiently.

Operators also have complete control over positive feed, feed rate and cutting pressure. The blade speed controls allows operators to adjust the speed between 89 and 256 fpm, meaning its simple to accommodate different materials. The ability to fine-tune the Velox VX-20A to the operator’s needs means faster operations that run smoothly. This cutting machine also features frequency inverter blade control. Furthermore, the Velox VX-20A has miter cutting capabilities up to 45 degrees.

The Velox VX-20A has a 13″ x 18″ capacity. It also feature full stroke hydraulic vises so the piece won’t slip as it’s being cut. We added 12″ X 18″ hydraulic bundle clamps to this cutting machine’s design, which make cutting bundle and stack materials a snap.

Protecting blade life is essential to Velox — we think of blades as an investment. It’s why we designed the Velox VX-20A with a automatic cup conveyer and a hydraulic drive chip removal auger.

Velox VX-20A Features

  • Human interface computer control with touch screen
  • Frequency inverter blade control
  • Control Blade speed from 89 – 256 fpm
  • Positive feed controls
  • Feed rate and cutting pressure controls
  • Full stroke hydraulic vises with variable clamping pressure
  • 12″ x 18″ capacity bundle clamps hydraulic bundle clamps on both main and shuttle vises
  • Automatic chip conveyor
  • Hydraulic drive chip removal auger
  • Miter cutting capabilities up to 45 degrees in a single direction


90° Cutting Capacity 13″ round – 13″ x 18″ rectangle
45° Cutting Capacity 11″ round – 13″ x 11″ rectangle
Blade Size 13′ 6″ x 1″
Blade Speed 89 – 256 fpm
Blade Motor 5 hp
Hydraulic Motor 1/2 hp
Coolant Motor 1/8 hp
Blade Guides Carbide guides side and top
Chip Brush Power driven
Band Tension Manual with hydraulic tension gage
Table Working Height 32″
Shuttle Feed Stroke 27″
Minimum Cut Off Length 1″
Shipping Size 90″ x 86″ x 68″
Net Weight / Gross Weight 2904 lbs / 3190 lbs